METHAREN, a concentrate of grey matter for a greener future.

METHAREN is an innovation actions project funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe program. It aims to demonstrate a cost-effective, innovative, more sustainable and circular biomethane production system enabling renewable energy sources intermittency management.


METHAREN is providing improvements beyond the state-of-the art along four main axes related to:
i) the biogas plant efficiency to produce biomethane;
ii) flexibility and energy management for RES integration;
iii) the circularity approach for sustainable production and
iv) innovative business models and adapted policies.
The aim is to demonstrate an increase of cost effectiveness by at least 20% while reaching a carbon conversion rate from biowaste to methane higher than 80%, a reduction of GHG emission compared to current process by 50%.

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Start 01/11/2022
End 31/10/2027
18 partners...
...from 8 countries


We are proud to collaborate with 18 partners across Europe, including universities, research centers and industrial companies. Together, we are driving innovation and shaping the future of renewable energy.


Starting on November 1, 2022, the project will run for five years until its completion on October 31, 2027.  As the project progresses, we will keep you updated with the latest developments and milestones, so stay tuned for more exciting news about METHAREN

Start 1 November 2022
End 31 October 2027


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