In order to promote the reproducibility and transferability of the project’s solutions, an Industrial Cluster Board (ICB) will be set up. The ICB will be invited to meetings and dissemination events and will share its views and needs in terms of biomethane production with the consortia, specifying its operating conditions and the technical and economic constraints it faces in order to see what solutions can be provided by the consortium. They will also have access to the results of tests and demonstrations, and will be invited to scientific workshops and operating meetings organised by METHAREN. To create this Industrial Cluster Board, significant actors in biomethane but also from other energy sectors in Europe will be invited.

Members of our Industrial Cluster Board

Total Energies

Biogas in France


Global Leader In Sustainable Construction

Votorantim Cementos España

Cement industry

Grupo Gimeno / FACSA

Facsa Integral Water Cycle


Wood industry