The first scientific publication of the METHAREN partners is now accessible in open-access! It has been published by EPFL in August, 2023 under the name “Multi-time integration approach for combined pulp and ammonia production and seasonal CO2 management“. 

The work proposes a multi-time integration approach that combines different technologies and energy inputs to tackle the seasonal variation of energy prices while promoting the optimal CO2 management. The integration of technologies such as power-to-gas systems, carbon capture and injection units, along with liquid fuel storage, may help offsetting the intermittency of the renewable energy resources and increasing the economic revenues of the integrated plant. 

Highlights of the publication include: 

  • Process integration is a rational way of capitalizing the mass and energy residues of chemical plants;
  • Power-to-gas system and storage units are key technologies to supply the operation in a synergic and reliable way;  
  • Energy supply chains can sharply affect the overall environmental performance as renewable indirect emissions may play an important role in the overall environmental impact;  
  • Additional capital expenditures can be offset by increasing the integrated plant revenues (due to the electricity and fuel export).

More publications will come as the results arise, so stay tuned!