EPFL has submitted its second paper on METHAREN-related topics in December, 2023. It is now accessible in open access under the name “Process modeling and integration of hydrogen and synthetic natural gas production in a kraft pulp mill via black liquor gasification“. 

The purpose of the integrated chemical plants is co-producing pulp and gaseous fuels, either hydrogen or synthetic natural gas, in order to expand the biorefinery product portfolio and, consequently, increase the plant revenues. A holistic approach that considers extended thermodynamic and environmental performance is adopted, along with the analysis of the economic feasibility, bearing in mind the uncertainties related to the market conditions. This global vision is crucial for the decision-makers to implement the most suitable energy technologies in future decarbonization scenarios. 

Highlights of the publication include: 

  • Integrated biorefineries can be a decarbonization pathway for bulk commodities;
  • Importing low carbon electricity reduces the irreversibility and CO2 emissions;
  • Stochastic cost analyses better quantify the likelihood of loss of risky projects;
  • Advance on biomass upgrading will help deploying decentralized fuel production.

More publications will come as results arise, so stay tuned!