Four EU-funded projects, i.e. METHAREN, HYFUELUP,  SEMPRE-BIO and BIOMETHAVERSE, joined forces the past few months to produce the first version of a policy brief on biomethane.

In total, all 4 projects represent a wide diversity of European actors and technologies. Indeed, they contain 65 partners, 14 countries and 10 demonstration plants in 8 countries, with different innovative technologies focusing mainly on gasification and biomethanation. 

The deliverable identifies barriers and obstacles to deploy the projects’ biomethane technologies and includes recommendations to policy makers to overcome the identified ones. This first version of the deliverable has been published too early to make concrete policy recommendations focused on the investigated biomethane technologies, as the innovative technologies on biomethane are initially being evaluated in demonstration plants (demonstration sites). The content of this deliverable thus focuses on: 

  • Overview of the innovative biomethane production technologies projects; 
  • Main barriers for increasing biomethane production in Europe; 
  • Challenges and perspective of innovative biomethane technologies. 

As the projects progress, this brief is expected to be updated and more detailed -next update in Autumn, 2024, so stay tuned!