Our partner ERGaR is working towards a harmonized European market for biomethane certificates.

The cross-border trade of renewable gas certificates is a market in continuous development, and ERGaR has been working hard in the past few months with its members, other stakeholders and the European Commission to ensure that the developments will benefit the market.

The ERGaR Certificate of Origin Scheme (CoO Scheme) allows the cross-border trade of renewable gas certificates between six European countries now and more countries are expected to join either in the short or long term.

Additionally, a parallel scheme has been launched by the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), thus leading to a fragmented market and currently it is not possible to trade between the two schemes. ERGaR and AIB are currently working hard to try and find a solution towards a harmonized market. In addition, the Union Database for Biofuels (UDB) is planned to become operational for gaseous fuels by 21 November, 2024 and it will have a major impact on the cross-border trade of biomethane certificates. The UDB is meant to cover everything with a Proof of Sustainability (PoS) or a PoS + a Guarantee of Origin (GO).

ERGaR is following closely these developments and will continue to work towards a harmonized European market for the benefit of all those involved in the supply chain. Stay tuned!